Build a Cloud Provider

Prerequisites of an Akash Provider

Wallet Funding - Minimum of 5 AKT

Placing a bid on an order requires a 5 AKT deposit. This deposit is fully refunded after the bid is won/lost.

The steps to create an Akash account are covered in here -> document.

Kubernetes cluster hardware requirements and Recommendations

Kubernetes Master Node Requirements

  • Minimum Specs

    • 8 CPUs

    • 16 GB RAM

    • 50 GB Disk

  • Recommended Specs

    • 16 CPUs

    • 32 GB RAM

    • 100 GB Disk

Kubernetes Work Node Requirements

  • Minimum Specs

    • 4 CPUs

    • 8 GB RAM

    • 100 GB Disk

  • Recommendations

    • The more resources, the better, depending on your goal of a maximum number of concurrent deployments.

    • It is essential to note that the worker node needs to have as much CPU as possible because if it's got 8 CPUs, 100 GB RAM, and 2 TB disk -> the CPU would likely be a bottleneck. Since people tend to deploy at least 1 CPU per deployment, the server could only host 8 deployments maximum and likely about 6 deployments as other ~2 CPUs will be reserved by the Kubernetes system components.

Go to Praetor Application to become an Akash Cloud Provider and start earning.

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